Working on Campus

Well, my current strategy for not failing to work on my PhD is to just physically be on campus at my desk more often. As strategies go, at least it’s simple. I have a desk in a shared doctoral student space in the city campus of my University. It has what I call “river glimpses,” and gives me a nice spot to sit and procrastinate in new and exciting ways. Today I’m procrastinating by writing this blog, but I will (probably) IMG_1359update my Endnote citations next, and send some emails about my ethical clearance (epic) application later. Which I probably wouldn’t do from home.

I work fine at home if I’m doing a set thing, like writing a paper. I don’t do the other work very well, like reading or setting up meetings, or just thinking and organising it all. Being present. If I know what I need to do next, I can sit and write anywhere. If it’s a bit hard, or not quite there, or the next step isn’t obvious, I’ll do almost anything to avoid engaging with the work at the moment. Being on campus makes that harder, which is why I’m here, writing this, and thinking about maybe engaging with the work any minute now… I promise…

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