Well, I see through the harsh reality of post dating that it has been nearly a year since I wrote here. This partially reflects the state of my PhD, I say partially as I did get through my confirmation of candidature, which is kind of a big milestone, in April this year. Since then, though, other than some refiling, a VERY small bit of reading, and a lot of flailing around, I have not made solid progress on the beast at all.


I did get through D’s NDIS intake and planning though, and with awesome results. That popped up in July, and I did a LOT of prep for it, including a 30 page document we submitted to her planner. I prepped for Review, basically, and told them so. We had a good planner, and got a good plan. Since then, we’ve been supported in ways we had only dreamed about before NDIS, we’ve had three weeks of full time carer support, every day!!! They change and shower her, and give her breakfast. It’s both awesome and difficult to relinquish that level of involvement in a child’s life (she’s 19 for those playing at home).

So there’s that. And given my topic, I’m counting the whole process as research. It’s been eye opening and I’ll be writing more as I warm up here again.

So, onwards, next my ethical clearance, which I’ll write more on soon.

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