It’s a fun job, and I enjoy it

I stole this slogan unashamedly from Happier in Hollywood, a fun podcast about life and work.  Their motto as writers in Hollywood is “It’s a fun job, and we enjoy it!”  It sums up a feeling I often have that doing PhD is an amazing privilege.  Sure, it’s a privilege that I actively despise a lot lately, but I should probably be more focussed on the good side not the dark side.  So in an effort at procrastinating positively, I made myself a happy squirrel reminder.  Seriously, a PhD is a great thing to be doing.  I’m so lucky to be able to give three years to a project this way (and not have to have higher paid work), I’ve got great hours so that I can be a stay at home parent (something super important to our family), I’m very interested in my topic, and I love “thinking about things” as my job.  If I could choose any job in the world and describe it, it would be a professional “thinker about things.”

It doesn’t help to actively remind myself of this most days of the week…


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