Endnote Woes

My attempt to get around using two operating systems, Mac at home and Windows *shudder* at work, is not going as awesomely as I wasn’t expecting it to.  Endnote is giving me issues, refusing to sync either of my computer based libraries to the supposedly authoritative web version, causing many headaches and much swearing.  My iPad, for some reason, is syncing just fine.  download

Even my IT support guy (also known as Mr Shaggy Dog, and Husband-face) threw up his hands today amongst mutterings of metadata, reinstall, blah blah error…something something.  I’ve heroically decided to leave the problem to be Tuesday’s headache, which is when I’m next at my work desk.  It’s something to do with library locations, and by all that’s unholy, I will fix it!!

This is part of my “start as you mean to go on” project, which among other epic tasks, involves making sure my reference library is actually correct.  I also have to use a particular kind of legal citation, which has already caused a bit of fiddling around.  I’m sure I’ll get there, but they don’t advertise this stuff in the PhD brochure. I figure future me will be grateful when I’m putting in footnotes the night before drafts are due.  She better be!

Also, I should probably be reading more of the reference library, as well as ensuring the author field is correct and the title has all important words capitalised.  That’s a project for future me…

I feel I should note I did look hard at two other citation managers, Zotera, and Papers3, before sticking with Endnote.  Though other options are looking even more attractive at this point!

Starting out…

I’m in my sixth month of my PhD, and at my University we have to complete a proposal by the end of month 3, and a confirmation at the end of the first year.  So I’m halfway to that big milestone.  After getting the pesky (but slightly useful) proposal out of the way, I was sidelined by the main school holiday break, 6 weeks of kids at home.  My middle daughter finished school and started her day programs, which has been kind of a big deal round these parts.


Snorlax is my spirit Pokemon

Life is scoring, and thesis is losing!

Kids are back at school and programs, routine is trying to settle, and I’ve been wandering back to campus to see what’s what with this giant thing I’ve embarked on (again).

I’m not in what you might call an intellectual frame of mind yet, so I decided I’d “start as you mean to go on” by sorting out some serious admin.  Including this blog, citation management, word processing, trying to wrestle my Mac home into compatibility with the persistently unpleasant Windows workplace.  You know, the big issues.

As I’ve travelled around questing for solutions, blogs sure help.  And this is mine.  Here’s to Academic Me, version 2.0, in more ways than just web presence.

But as you can see, I did get youngest daughter to make my desk a sign!  That counts as PhD progress in my book.